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NW Washington Fairgrounds, Lynden, Washington

*April 20 - 21, 2019*

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PNPHC Splash of Colors

APHA, NWCC approved Paint & Open Horse Show

Our Judges for 2019

Sherry Haynes   Jeannie Young   Sidney  Larson   Bruce Army                    

          Texas                    Texas                  Wisconson           Indiana         

  Discounted fees for Youth  

  $ & Canadian Exhibitors $

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We will be giving out an assortment of

Chairs, Clocks, Fly Sheets, Throws, Bags, Caps, Halters, and Longe Lines

to 20 High Point, Reserve, and Third Place Winners

4 Judge APHA Show

2 Judge All Breed Show


Ranch Horse Challange

High Points to 3 Places

Class Average Awards

Jackpot Classes


Easter egg hunt for candy & prizes

                                  PLUS, find the

                                  1 - $100 & 2 - $50